Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Phew!…..After a long haul and up hill struggle we finally finished our latest Beryl film ‘Dreams and Desires- Family Ties’ in late May this year (2006). It’s doing the festival cicuit right now and we’ve been incredibly lucky to have won 15 awards to date! We are all, of course, absolutely thrilled…it’s so exciting after all that hard work. A huge thanks to all our team for doing such a fantastic job…especially in the time we had!

Here’s a list of all the festival awards we’ve won to date….

2006 Annecy Animation Festival, France – Audience Prize
2006 Annecy Animation Festival, France – FIPRESCI award (critics award)

2006 Annecy Animation Festival, France – Special Jury Award
2006 Zagreb Animation Festival, Croatia – Grand Prix
2006 Zagreb Animation Festival, Croatia – International Critics prize

2006 Anima Mundi, Brazil – Professional Jury-Best Design/Art Directing

2006 Anima Mundi, Brazil – Professional Jury-Best Animation

2006 Palm Springs Short Filmfest USA – Second Place Jury award best animation

2006 Winner European Cartoon D’Or

2006 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada – Grand Prix

2006 3rd China International Animation & Digital Arts Festival, China – Grand Prix Short Film

2006 Animadrid, Spain – First prize, Short Animation

2006 Sitges 06, Spain – Festival International de Cinema de Catalunya – Best Animated Short Movie

2006 Balkanima, Serbia – Diploma 5-10 minute category short film

2006 Woodstock, USA- Best short animated film

If you’re interested here are some articles that have been written about the film..

Annecy 2006 “Dreams and Desires – Family Ties” Women in Power By Dana Duma

Annecy 2006: Return of the Brits? By Philippe Moins

The Animated Winners: Indie Short Filmmakers Speak. By Marisa Materna
Zagreb Animafest: Friendly DiversityBy Deana Morse

In the next post we’ll give a list of where we’ll be going and where the film will be playing next.

Keep tuned for more news

Joanna and Les