Our new Beryl film ‘AFFAIRS OF THE ART’ due to be released in January 2021

Friday, October 16th, 2020

After a long period of absence from our website we are very pleased to announce that our new Film Affairs of the Art – a 16 minute co production with NFB (National Film Board of Canada) will be released in January 2021. It has taken a long time to complete, unfortunately interrupted by various complications and of course the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic, nevertheless we are extremely relieved to have practically finished the film! It just has to go to Canada so that a French version can be completed at the new NFB facilities in Montreal and then dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions the likelihood is that travel restrictions will be in operation for some time in the future so we are naturally extremely disappointed that, if accepted, we may not be able to travel to some of the Film Festivals to see it screened in cinemas in front of live audiences or meet all our lovely animation friends in person for the first time in years, this is the something we will all have to live with. As everybody knows when you make a film the main things that you look forward to are the audience reaction (assuming the vibe is positive of course!!) and hearing the opinions and judgment of your peers i.e. other filmmakers, students, critics etc. or just relaxing and chilling among the animation aficionados. Unfortunately this is the new reality and the festivals are finding creative ways of making the online festival experience as enjoyable as possible. There have been some great online festivals so far.

Building up to it’s release in Jan we will give you some insights into the of the development and production stages of making Affairs of the Art from film’s overall concept, it’s narrative and the various stages we went through during the production process, to the final outcome. The central character is our heroine Beryl who has featured in three of our previous films Girls Night Out, Body Beautiful and Dreams and Desires – Family Ties.

Here’s a short synopsis of the Affairs of the Art

59-year-old factory worker Beryl is totally obsessed with drawing and her fixation dominates the whole household. Her son Colin, himself a technical geek, objects strongly to his mother’s addiction. When Beryl’s husband Ivor, now Beryl’s model and muse, drops hints of wanting a more active sexual engagement, Beryl makes halfhearted attempts to spice things up a bit it but the outcome is disastrous – Beryl seems more interested in her own renaissance as a Hyper Futurist artiste than trying to restore a flagging libido. Meanwhile sister Beverly, a fanatical narcissist and high-end taxidermist offers long distance advice and encouragement from LA. It appears that the whole family is engaged in an obsession of some kind – it’s in the family’s DNA.