Beryl Productions International Ltd

Beryl Productions has been in existence as a company since 1987 and specialises in individually hand drawn character animation. Our raison d’être is to produce high quality, accessible animation using humour as an essential element.

Apart from our film work, we have created TV commercials for the North America, Mexico and European markets. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Fallon, KalKan, Coca Cola, Nestle, United Airlines and agencies include J.Walter Thompson, Wieden and Kennedy and Publicis.

Our most well known commercial work would be the Charmin bear commercials made for North America, Canada, Mexico, Germany and the UK. In 2010 US industry magazine, ADWEEK, put the Charmin bear as one of the top 10 advertising icons of the decade. We also made a very successful series of Whiskas cat food ads for the US and I minute ad for United Airlines for TV and in-flight entertainment, with the inimitable voice over of Robert Redford.

Our latest film AFFAIRS of the ART was released in January 2021 and has received numerous international awards including a BAFTA and ACADEMY AWARD nominations. It is presently on the international film festival circuit. For more information go to the AFFAIRS of the ART film page.