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Film Studies

Film Studies

Roughs and research

Dog studies and sketches

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Part of rough storyboard.

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Animation sequences

Village women being attacked, Bulldog eats slaves and sequence of rape of slaves.

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A satirical swipe at the British character showing how, in the pursuit of wealth and power, they robbed other nations of their pride and national wealth. A biting and savage indictment of the development and demise of British Imperialism



Direction/Animation: Joanna Quinn
Producer: David Parker & Colin Thomas
Voices: Christine Pritchard, Ben Heneghan
Sound and Music: Heneghan and Lawson
Date: 1993
Length: 5mins

 A Forum TV production for S4C & Channel 4

 © Beryl Productions International Ltd.



1993 Vallodolid Film Festival, Spain - Best Short Film
1993 Espinho, Portugal - Best under 5 min.
1993 Bilbao Film Festival, Spain - Silver Award
1994 Tampere Film Festival, Finland - Diploma of Merit
1994 Nominated for British BAFTA
1994 Festival Audiovisual des Cultures Minorisees d'Europe 3rd Prize 1994 Short list for European ‘Cartoon D’Or’
1994 Houston World Fest, USA- ‘Gold Award for Animation’
1994 Zagreb Animation Festival, Croatia- Best under 5 mins.
1994 Zagreb Animation Festival, Croatia- Audience Prize
1994 Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan- Best Film category E
1994 Chicago Film Festival, USA - Golden Hugo for Best Animation
1995 Festival der Nationen, Germany- Gold Bear
1995 Shortlisted for Academy Award, USA