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Affairs of the Art

Fifty-nine-year-old factory worker Beryl is totally obsessed with drawing, and her fixation dominates the entire household. Apart from her husband, Ivor, Beryl’s model and muse, the whole family is addicted to something: her son, Colin, is a technical geek and her sister, Beverly, is a fanatically narcissistic taxidermist. Obsession is in the family’s DNA.


Director: Joanna Quinn
Writer/Producer: Les Mills
Producer NFB: Michael Fukushima
Animation: Joanna Quinn & James Nutting
Additional Animation: Marcia Rojas, Mia Rose Goddard, Eliot Czeh & Gemma Roberts
Clean up & Assisting: Marcia Rojas, Eliot Czeh, Hannah Jones, Mia Rose Goddard & Bryony Evans
Colour Design:
Les Mills
TVP colour & compositing: Mia Rose Goddard
AfterEffects Compositing:  Francine Breslin & Mia Rose Goddard
Editor: Mia Rose Goddard
Voices: Menna Trussler, Brendan Charleson, Joanna Quinn & Mali Ann Rees
Music: Benjamin Talbott of John Hardy Music
Sound Design: Olivier Calvert
Date: 2021
Length: 16'23"

A Co-Production between Beryl Productions International Ltd and The National Film Board of Canada



Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (Jan 29 - 6 Feb 2021)

Kaboom Animation Festival, Netherlands (March 31 - 5 April 2021)

Aspen ShortFest, USA (6-11 April 2021)

Anifilm Int Festival of Animated Films, Czech Republic (May 4-9 2021)

Stuttgart Animation Festival, Germany (May 4 - 9 2021)

Krakow Film Festival, Poland (May 30 - 6 June 2021)

Animafest Zageb, Croatia (7 - 12 June 2021)

Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France (15 - 18 June 2021)

Fest Anča, Slovakia (1 - 4 July 2021)


Award for Best Animation – International Competition Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France (2021)

Award for Best Short Film – Kaboom Animation Festival, Netherlands (2021)

Award for Best Comedy - Aspen Shortsfest, USA (2021)